The frazadas ('blankets' in english) we work with come from the highlands surrounding Cuzco, Peru. They're woven by women to provide warmth in the cold climates of the high Andes. They can be made from sheep, alpaca, or vicuña wool which is spun by the artisan and then dyed using natural pigments. Each piece is woven by hand on a backstop loom in two pieces the width of the loom then whip-stitched together. Every frazada has a unique design imagined by the weaver that most likely holds personal or familial significance. They usually take a month or longer to make and are true works of art.

Many of the frazadas we work with are vintage pieces and therefore have some wear and tear from decades of use in family homes. These pieces will get turned into pillows or sometimes used to upholster furniture. I love being able to preserve a piece of these textiles when the whole piece may be too damaged for use. If a piece we find is in good condition or just too darn beautiful to cut up we'll sell these ones whole!

 Frazadas are thick, heavy, and quite sturdy. I love to use them as rugs but they also make beautiful wall hangings, bed throws, picnic or beach blankets, and are a great option for upholstered furniture or headboards.


Local to the Portland area and interested in using some of our frazadas for an upholstery project? Drop us a line, we'd love to chat!