Our Story

Star Cousins is a textile studio based in Portland, Maine with a focus on handmade, one-of-a-kind textiles from around the globe. While we source the textiles from far and wide, all of our finished products are made in-house in our Portland, Maine studio.
We believe that the pieces you bring into your home should not only be timeless, well-made, and beautiful to look at, but that you should also feel good about having them around. That's why all of the textiles we use are made from natural materials and dyed using natural pigments found in nature.
Abigail is our founder, seamstress, upholsterer, photographer, buyer, CEO, COO, and CFO. She loves the travel aspect of the work and is always looking for excuses to visit new countries. She has found that textile hunting is by far the best excuse she's come up with so far.

When you shop at Star Cousins you are not only supporting a small business but are also providing a source of income for artisans and business people from around the world and helping to preserve an important way of life.